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FIT Plans

Are you ready to transform your health and fitness?

My FIT Plans have been designed to help give you the tools needed to transform your body and help you become fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before. 

  • Designed by a personal trainer

  • No gym membership needed

  • No app required

  • No monthly subscription



Every two weeks you’ll get a new training plan that you can follow at home or the gym


  • Warm ups and stretches provided

  • Easy to follow pictures and directions to help you move safely and effectively 

  • All workouts 40 minutes or less

  • Work out when it suits you

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Every 2 weeks you'll get a new nutrition challenge

  • Manageable tweaks to your existing diet to maximise your results

  • Create healthy eating habits that stick for life

  • Continue eating the foods you like

  • No fads. Just the facts. 

Taking Picture of Food

Online Support

If you have any questions, you just need to send me a message, I'm here to help

  • You can email me

  • Whatsapp me 07934 246 927

  • Or contact me on social media

  • Any problems or confusion, please do get in touch

Get started!

There are three FIT Plans available, beginner (no equipment), intermediate (skipping ropes required) and advanced (dumbbells and skipping ropes required). Pick the plan you that suits your fitness level and start your transformation today!

If in doubt about whether or not you should start a new exercise programme, please contact your GP or another health professional.


If you are pregnant, or have been in the last 2 months this programme will not be suitable. If you're then signed off for exercise the beginner plan is a great one to start with. 

If you have asthma, please make sure you have you inhaler with you for all workouts.

Not quite ready to commit to the full plan?

 I designed my FIT Plans to be to help people make a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle change rather than help with a quick fix, however I appreciate if you see a 24 week plan that can sound intimidating, so for those that want to get started but not quite ready to go straight to the deep end,  I've cut all my plans into 6 week blocks (and then you can approach it in more bitesize chunks and just go onto the next 6 weeks as and when you're ready. So, if that's what you're looking for, click on the links below to start your plan!

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