I am not a natural exerciser in the “workout” or “training” sense. But the fun, enthusiasm, and sense of community that pervade Helen’s classes has kept me coming back over and over and has seen me do many a thing I swore I never would (or could). Her positivity, energy, and kooky approach to life make her classes hugely enjoyable and mean that the people you will meet in the classes are there for the experience as much as they are for the training. Helen offers something for everyone and I have no doubt that trying out her classes will lead to doing more. Come join the HGFitties (as she recently realised we could be called) and you will not regret it.

I found Helen on ClassPass......and hands down it’s been the best outdoor fitness class I’ve ever done. Immediately put at ease by her friendliness, the classes are ram packed filled with different circuits, you never know what’s coming next which subsequently makes the class fly by. She’s professional, encouraging and just a genuinely nice person to be around......all this filters through her class members making it the most welcoming class EVER. Thank you Helen! You’re the best!! Xx


I've loved going to Helen's classes for the past year now - longest I've stuck with any exercise class so that's saying something!! She grades the programmes well so they are nice and accessible if you are a beginner, but challenging enough if you want more. Her fun personality makes working out seem a lot more entertaining, and her endless energy keeps you motivated. Would definitely recommend trying her classes.


Helen's enthusiasm in her classes is fantastic and it really helps to keep you motivated when your feeling the burn. She's a great PT and I've seen a big increase in my fitness and conditioning since taking part in her classes. Highly recommended.


Helen is a great trainer. I've been attending her classes for two years now and each week there's something different to keep the classes varied and enjoyable. I'd highly recommend Helen's classes for a fun and challenging workout!


First experience of bootcamp and 9 of 10 sessions in I'm still enjoying going. Each week is different, each week uses (clearly) dormant muscles as indicated by that wonderfully reassuring pain in the days that follow. Helen is friendly, welcoming, active, encouraging, enthusiastic, creative and the first person to actually get me doing proper burpees.



Amazing classes on Tooting Bec common. Helen is a brilliant instructor.

Really enjoy Helen’s Bootcamp classes, they’re tough but such a friendly atmosphere. Helen is really encouraging and she mixes it up so every week is different. It’s also good to get outside after spending all day in the office!


The fact that Helen has got someone so incredibly lazy to return every week is testament to what a good class she runs.... highly recommended.



Helen is a brilliant PT and her classes are always motivating, fun and educational. I have been going to her classes for years now and she has really helped me understand fitness and nutrition while being open and friendly. The classes are offer huge variation which means you can challenge all parts of your body whist also being a fantastic place to be socially. I couldn't recommend her classes or her PT services more. She will get you the results you want and as an extra bonus you'll make a great friend!


I love outdoor fitness and have been doing it for 5 years. I joined Helen's group classes about 6 months ago and then PT 3 months ago. The classes are challenging and fun, they take you out of your comfort zone with friendly encouragement. After a day in the office there is nothing better than getting outside and exercising the day away with Helen.


I have been attending evening sessions for 2 months now and all I can say is; incredible. Helen is an amazing motivator, an incredible trainer and frankly a miracle worker. Working out with Helen and her classes has got me stronger and fitter than I could ever imagine and really helped me cope with a tough few months. I can't wait to crack on into 2020!


I do not run and I definitely do not do push ups is something I say A LOT! Yet Helen has managed to get me doing both, outside in the dark, in the cold. Her classes at Tooting Common whilst challenging leave me feeling like I've achieved something and are helping me get fitter and stronger.


Been going here for almost a year, and the the most encouraging and fun classes I’ve done - even though it’s cold and raining! Really good workout and versatile workout, my fitness has improved so much since starting with Helen!

Really enjoy these classes, Helen makes it really relaxed and fun but pushes you hard. The classes are very inclusive catering to all abilities which is great. Definitely recommend.



I absolutely love Helen’s classes and she is fantastic. It’s so nice to get outside and exercise after being in the office all day and I am getting noticeable stronger and fitter. I 100% recommend her classes to anyone is any fitness level.


Helen’s classes are AMAZING! She makes the group sessions on the common full of fitness and fun, whatever the weather! She is a brilliant motivator and is always coming up with different routines to keep it interesting. I highly recommend Helen - you will NOT be disappointed!


I've been training with Helen for 2-3 years. The best thing, apart from Helen and the training, is the community, familiar faces, new faces, who just want to do a good bit of affordable exercise locally without all the membership. So c'mon to the common!


Helen's classes are well structured and suitable for all fitness levels. There is a lot of variety across the week so you will always be challenging a different exercise. I would recommend signing up to her six week blitz challenges, they are very cost effective and Helen can help you reach your end goals :-)


I've never found exercise classes or activities that I've wanted to keep going to. The classes that Helen run have turned into a hobby whilst improving my fitness at a comfortable pace for me. The classes are very encouraging and there is a very friendly atmosphere.

It’s when you come away from an ‘insanity’ class on a cold Monday night in Feb and feel properly energised you know it’s good!! Helen’s a fantastic instructor and from walking in over a year ago with no idea what the class what about I haven’t looked back!


I’d highly recommend the class and Helen's teaching style to anyone looking to get started or needing that boost to reach their goals!


Helen’s sessions, from Insanity to Bootcamp, are awesome. She knows how to mix fun and hard work to get the best results. Always encouraging, she pushes you to your max, which is just what you want in an Instructor. Looking forward to joining her sessions in 2019! Thank you Helen!


Helen is an excellent trainer, her Spin and Insanity Classes are fun and a great workout (yes Insanity and fun in the same sentence!). Helen’s natural style, enthusiasm and energy make you work hard, give more than you think you can and importantly see results. Helen makes sure your technique/posture is right and explains the benefits of each move. Since taking her Insanity class I’ve seen my core and upper body strength improve- which has also improved my running- win win!. If you have never tried Insanity head to Helen’s class in Tooting, you won’t regret it!


I've been going to Helen's Insanity group classes for about a year now and I have to say it's changed me for the better. She's a great instructor - always motivating and pushing you to do your best. She pays attention to what everyone's doing and corrects anything that may be a little bit off, so you can FEEL THE BURN more (and prevent you from getting injured). The Insanity class is varied in ability and full of really nice people so no one feels like they feel out of place or uncomfortable. Highly recommended.

Chris S

I first attended Helen's sessions doing the 12 weeks to Christmas Insanity Challenge. Before long I found I was going to both Monday and Wednesday insanity sessions and piyo on Wednesdays too! I can now do a burpee - HOORAY! (...and I don't entirely hate them - double hooray!) In fact I can do a lot more than I thought my asthmatic bee-hind was capable of! Helen was keen to help me overcome my nervousness in starting to exercise again - her quick replies with any questions I had prior to starting and her encouragement to come and see each class to see what best fits my exercise style was so helpful and very much appreciated. Her energy keeps me pushing through each session and looking forward to the next. I now find myself actually wanting to exercise - Can't recommend enough! Keep up the great work Helen


Helen's Piyo class in Tooting is brilliant. A very friendly and relaxed class, it caters to lots of abilities and is good value too. I come away from every class feeling refreshed. Definitely come and try it!


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