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December Accountability

December is a tough time for a lot of people to move - it's darker, colder and the social life tends to pick up.

So I've made a little tracker to help keep us accountable (I'm going to do it too!). 

Download and print it off at home.

I've left it blank for how many workouts you may want to do in a month - I want you to pick what is realistic (ideal is 3-4x pw but if you know that's not realistic, do it to something you think is)

I'm leaving it up to you the length and intensity of your workouts (in my opinion, if you're moving your body it's great, so if that's going to a walk, perfect. If it's one of my 10 minute videos, great. Yoga, fab. Just move!)

You've just got one goal. Once you've set your goal, hit it!

Tick it off every time you do a workout (maybe even say what you've done) and then tag me on an Instagram/Facebook story at the end of each week @helengpt and we will help hold each other accountable finishing this year strong.

For everyone that hits their target, I will give you some HGFIT resistance loops (the prize is you succeeding, the bonus is some loops!)

Pink and White Playful Illustrated Christmas Monthly Planner.jpg
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