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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you need a gym membership?

I've designed these workouts to have little to no equipment so they can be done at home or at the gym.

Beginner uses just body weight. Intermediate is body weight and skipping. Advanced uses skipping ropes and dumbbells. 

You may also need a bench, but you'll see in the plans I actually just used the kitchen chair.

How do I stay motivated?

I've created a Facebook Group for those who have bought the plan - search for Helen G PT: The FIT Plan. 

Use this to ask me or the group any questions. Shout if you're struggling with motivation. Ask for help if you need it for any moves. You can share when you've done your workouts and use it as a way to stay accountable. 

Are the plans suitable for men?

How long are the plans?

As a guideline I'd expect the plans to take approximately 24 weeks. It may take some people less or more time to complete depending on how easy/hard you find the challenges (you may like to repeat weeks or move on faster) 

Is there a meal plan?

No, meal plans tend not to work as it is impossible to create one that suits everyone as there will be meals you don't like or don't have time to make. I find it's better to learn about nutrition and then use that knowledge to pick foods to create a diet you enjoy.


I provide 12 nutrition challenges so each week you can tweak your existing diet to help maximise your health and fitness goals. 

How many workouts are there a week?

I provide 3 resistance workouts a week, using body weight or dumbbells if you're advanced. They're designed in a circuit style (so one exercise after the next and then repeated). 

I also provide 3 cardio workouts a week starting low intensity and can be anything like walking, swimming, cycling etc. As the plans progress I introduce interval training to push your fitness to the next level. 

The idea is you're moving most days but in a sustainable way.

How long are the workouts?

Resistance workouts are short and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Including warm up and stretches I'd expect it to take max 30 mins.

Cardio workouts range from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. 

Can I train if I am pregnant?

My plans aren't suitable for anyone that is pregnant or until cleared to exercise post pregnancy. Post pregnancy I recommend the beginner plans as a good way to ease back into exercise if you exercised previously. Also please be aware if you're breastfeeding you will need to ensure you are consuming approximately 500kcal more than usual and you shouldn't be in a calorie deficit. 

How do I know if I should do beginner, intermediate or advanced?

The beginner really is for people that are totally new to exercise - it starts with learning the basic moves with modifications and gradually builds you up to an intermediate level.

If you have previously done classes or exercised then jump straight ahead to the intermediate plan. I'd even recommend this if you've had a bit of time off - all three plans start off a little bit easier to ease anyone in that may have had some time off.

The advanced plan is if you are very comfortable with most foundation moves (push-ups, planks, sit-ups, squats, lunges, burpees etc) and you're ready to train using weights or you already do train using weights. You'll need to have access to dumbbells or will need to buy some to complete the plan. I recommend a lighter set for arm and ab exercises and a heavier set for leg exercises.  

I've designed these plans with women in mind, but that doesn't mean it's not suitable for men. You're welcome to try the plans and I'd love to see how you get on. 

Are there videos to show the moves?

This is something I'm gradually working on over time - but please get in touch if there is a move that you can't work out how it's done from the pictures I will record a video for you to show you how it's done.

I already attend classes, will this be suitable?

I've designed these plans for people to work there way start to finish. Zumba/aqua/yoga can be great for your LISS workouts! 


If you're regularly going to more higher intensity classes then these plans can also be useful to compliment your existing regime for days you can't make it to the gym/class or if you want workouts to do when you travel for work or are on holiday.


You'll receive 37 different workouts so you can complete in order as designed, or work your way through the workouts when needed. 

What happens if I miss a workout?

I can almost guarantee that you will miss a workout at some point. You'll probably also have days where you don't eat at all according to your goals. Both are fine, try not to punish yourself and then just continue to work your way through the plan.

Why should I buy the plan and not just follow YouTube workouts?

YouTube workouts are great. Classes are great. The gym is great. Sport is great. Honestly I'm just very happy if you find something you enjoy and you can stick at it regularly if that's my plans or not. Mine is just one option and I'm very grateful to anyone that's happy to give me a try!

I've designed my plans to progress in the same way I would progress my clients and myself. That means they all start off easier and gradually get more and more challenging so your body continues to adapt to the changing stimulus. Following online workouts can sometimes lack that progressive structure so you might not see yourself progressing to the next level. 

If the plans keep getting harder, what happens if it gets too hard?

At the start of the plan I explain how you can adapt exercises to make them easier (and also harder).


Also since the plans start easier, if an exercise is too hard, you can always switch it for an exercise previously seen in the plan that suits you better. 

(The plans do get progressively harder, but I also sometimes add in some slightly easier workouts as I know the feeling when it progresses so much you no longer feel successful. I've designed these to be challenging but achievable)

How do I download the plan?

  1. Go to the FIT Plans tab.

  2. Click on the plan you'd like to buy.

  3. If you have a promo code, enter it at checkout

  4. You'll then have a link to download the plan

  5. Once downloaded - open it and then press SAVE AS and save it to your device. 

  6. Please make sure you SAVE the plan as the link will expire after 3 weeks.

  7. I recommend saving it to your laptop/PC as well as your mobile/ipad

  8. If you have Facebook, request to join to community - search for Helen G PT: The FIT Plan

  9. You're good to go!

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