If you're looking for that extra accountability and help reaching your goals,  then that's where One to One Training comes in. With the attention just on you, you'll learn to move safely and effectively and have the support to achieve more than you would by yourself.


What you'll get:


  • Help with goal setting, an initial and end fitness test to track your progress

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Weekly challenges

  • Nutritional advice

  • Sessions done wearing a heart rate monitor to ensure you're working to the right intensity and also getting sufficient recoveries

  • Emails showing your heart rate readings and calories burned

  • Free Helen G PT loyalty card

  • 20% discount off classes

  • 50% off FIT Plans


For 45 minute sessions:

12 sessions* for £450

*sessions will expire within 16 weeks if  doing 1 session a week, 10 weeks if  doing 2 sessions a week or 6 weeks if  doing 3 sessions a week.