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Intermediate Plan

Helen’s FITPLANS were a life saver during lockdown, I managed to lose weight and get trimmer. I continue to be motivated by her by joining her on line classes. She is absolutely bubbling with motivation and energy. If she could bottle her loveliness she would make a fortune. But … I still don’t love burpees and Hindi squats but I do tolerate them.


Beginner Plan

Since 2003 I have had a goal to reach 60kg. I have never got below, the best I've done is 61.2kg, the worst 66.3kg. BUT 16 weeks into your programme and I've hit 60kg! Also my stats say I have improved on my muscle vs fat. All in all I'm very happy. Thank you for giving me a programme that has helped me achieve my goals.

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I have completed the beginners 24 week Fitplan. It has taken me a little longer as holidays got in the way, although latterly I found it was actually easy to fit in while on holiday - just a matter of changing your mindset and figuring how to fit in that little half hour of exercises. Also a few injuries and illnesses - so it took me 32 weeks!!

But each time I have gone off the rails I was helped by knowing I had a set programme to get me back into it.

Highlights: I've lost some weight but more importantly my shape has changed for the better - I can see a waist, I can see some definition in my arms and my legs are a lot trimmer. Added to this is a wonderful feeling of well being - some days I had to drag myself to do a circuit but once I had started and finished I had so much more energy.

I am stronger - never been able to do a press up in the past and totally surprised myself by knocking them out without realising it.

Lowlights: I hated burpees and still struggle with them BUT I can now do them.

I have to say the biggest help in achieving this goal has been setting up a WhatsApp messaging group with friends, each day we send a✅ when we have completed a workout. And if one if us is trailing a quick motivational message/kick up the backside really pushes you on. So big thank you to Lynn, Judy and Mandy.

I would urge anyone else following the plan to get friends involved or even contact someone on the Facebook group to start with them.

I am now starting the intermediate plan and this time round I am going to fully take on board your nutritional advice. Confession I read it all, followed some but concentrated more on the exercise. As I have had tremendous success with that I know it can only get better by following your advice.

I am truly excited to start the intermediate plan and will let you know how I get on.


Beginner Plan


Beginner Plan

I just wanted to write to say how much I am enjoying your fitness plan. I bought the beginners plan and love the fact that it promotes and shows you a good warm up and cool down as part of the half hour session. I am also loving the fact that the exercises gradually get harder but in such a clever way that it is attainable. I can feel myself getting stronger and more supple. The other part of the programme I love is the days when you are not doing the fitness circuit you have to try and exercise in some way -walking, tennis, etc - for 40 mins. This has really helped with my general fitness and has often got me off the sofa to do a 40 minute walk when I know without the programme I would have stayed put! I am also part of a a WhatsApp group with friends and we send a tick when we have done the days exercise - this really helps on those lazy days too!! I trained as a PE teacher and am so impressed with the programme. The way it gradually increases in difficulty and the way it works all the different parts of the body at each level. Also the bi weekly health advice is great and has helped me think about what I eat and drink and centred me back to what I know, but forget to put into practise! I’m half way through and loving it and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to tone up, get fit, feel good and keep healthy.


Beginner Plan

I have just completed Helen’s beginners FITplan which was brilliant. A well presented and planned programme with a variety of different workouts to avoid repetition. Helen was always available to answer any questions and help to adapt some exercises if necessary. I feel so much fitter and stronger since I started the plan. Helen has such great enthusiasm and is the best motivator ever! I am really looking forward to progressing further with Helen’s plans


Intermediate Plan

I attended Helen’s classes for a few years and always enjoyed them but since I moved a bit further away I was finding it difficult to attend on a regular basis. I bought the intermediate Fit Plan and I’ve found it a great way to fit in exercise three times a week at home. The workouts take about 30 minutes including a warm up/cool down so it’s easy to make time for before/after work and at the weekends. The plan itself is really clear and it’s easy to understand the exercises with both photo demonstrations and a description for each one. Helen also provides nutrition and wellbeing challenges throughout the plan. Using the tracker keeps me accountable to achieving all three workouts each week. It’s the longest I’ve ever stuck to an exercise plan and I intend to start again from the beginning once I’ve completed all 24 weeks!


Intermediate Plan

I’m halfway through Helen’s intermediate Fit Plan and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the first time I’ve exercised at home consistently. The workouts are varied and easy to fit into my week. I’ve learnt to do squats and lunges which I had never tried due to a hip injury – now I can really see my progress which also showed in the fitness test. I would highly recommend Helen’s plans to anyone wanting to workout from home!

💪 "I'm on week 4 and I've had four comments this week to say I'm looking trimmer"

💪 "I'm so pleased to have my workouts planned for me. In the past I've often started things in the gym but because I've made a routine up as I go along I've never followed it through more than a couple of weeks. I'm actually seeing results for the first time"

💪 "4 weeks in, 4 pounds lost!"

💪 "Very chuffed, I knew I was getting stronger and feeling better but just repeated the fitness test at week 12 and so proud to see my results"

💪 "Helen used to be my personal trainer but I moved away, I'm so happy to still get to do her workouts and get back on it"

💪 "I train with Helen but have her plan for workouts to do by myself - it's really good!"

💪 "Just done fitness test number 2 and pleased to report I improved all all 3 exercises"

💪 "My weights haven't changed on the scale, but I've noticed a big difference in how my clothes fit, I've had comments about looking great - but best of all, I just feel so much better in myself and more focused than I have in years"

💪 "I have now been doing the beginners plan for 12 weeks. I can honestly say I have improved in strengthening and toning my body. It's not a quick fix - I've tried and failed on all if those!!"

💪 "Major breakthrough - I can now do 5 full press ups!! I could do none when I started. I took photos at the start and also now at 12 week and am really surprised at the change in my body. It is such a subtle change that you do not appreciate it as you go along but the change is significant."

💪 "Love how the workouts are short so can be fitted into the day easier than a long session"

💪 "The variety of circuits during the week mean it's not repetitive and can feel myself gaining strength as the weeks progress"

💪 "A great beginners plan and easy to follow circuits and stretches"

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