I’ve been doing PT with Helen for nearly a year. Helen’s great at motivating you and she loves helping you achieve your best. She’s also really patient and non-judgmental and will take into account when you aren’t feeling great but will still make sure you have a good workout, just tailor it a bit. The sessions are fun and there’s a lot of choice with her classes as well. Highly recommend Helen if you’re looking to get fit with someone fun, happy and encouraging.


I’ve been training with a Helen for three months now and I’m loving (almost) every moment. I don’t claim to enjoy every single burpee but I’m pleased I can now do them! Our weekly sessions are varied, challenging and fun. Helen’s positive attitude is the most refreshing tonic on dark mornings and I always leave feeling more motivated and focused for the week ahead. I signed up with Helen because I wanted to shake up my fitness routine and challenge myself. In addition to that, my weekly sessions with Helen have provided much needed humour, camaraderie and motivation, all delivered in a relatable and tongue in cheek fashion. Helen is an absolute gem.


Starting personal training with Helen was the best decision I made this year! I’ve made so much progress in understanding how to work out, and am so much stronger. I’ve already booked another block of sessions, and can’t wait to keep progressing with her!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my one-to-one PT sessions with Helen. It’s been hard work, but Helen is so positive and motivating that I’ve achieved so much more than I expected - with a lot of laughs along the way. She really knows how to get the best out of a person. Thank you Helen for all your encouragement, and also for taking the time to film and produce a progress video so that I could see for myself how much I’ve improved.



I’ve been training with Helen for years - she’s helped me get in shape for my wedding, recover from illness, trained me through a pregnancy and now with a baby. Helen is kind, supportive and the perfect balance of tough and enthusiastic. Each session is tailored to your needs and abilities and she really helps you meet your goals. I’m so pleased I found Helen, and I always enjoy working out with her. I would recommend her to anyone!

Helen is a great PT! I've just finished a 24 session PT course with Helen and it has been great fun and really worthwhile. Helen is so motivational and always supportive and helpful. She even put up with our babies crying and at times eating her stopwatch and was always on hand to give them a cuddle so we could get on with our training. I would definitely recommend Helen and will really miss our sessions 


Helen kicks serious butt. She got me to a level of fitness I have not been since my early 20s, and I am now 36. Be warned, she will make you train in the snow and rain and there is no backing out! Awesome trainer, highly recommended :-)


Helen is a fantastic personal trainer. She has given me so much encouragement especially whilst I’ve found certain things hard. Definitely would recommend.


Looking for a personal trainer, then look no further than Helen G, she has vast knowledge and commitment in helping you reach your goals. Helen comes with a fun and vibrant attitude to each session. If your a seasoned athlete and looking to regain that spark you once had, or just want to lose a few or gain a few (muscles that is) then Helen G the local PT is the place to be.


Helen is a fantastic PT! Her sessions are brilliant and she is able to motivate you beyond your comfort zone, at the same time as having fun! She gets results and it feels great exercising outdoors with her rather than in a stuffy gym! 5 stars all day!


Helen is a genuinely lovely human who has an infectious enthusiasm for fitness! She knows how to keep me motivated when I would otherwise want to quit. She'll make you feel like you really can do anything.


If you had asked me this time last year if I would be doing burpees in minus degree temperatures I would have laughed...However Helen is a great motivator come rain or shine (literally) and has boosted my confidence greatly over the last year with lots of fun and laughter along the way! If you are debating getting fit in the new year but are feeling anxious, don’t be, just speak to Helen, you might even enjoy it :)


Helen has infectious enthusiasm about exercise! The sessions she designs for me feel completely bespoke and perfectly pitched to push me to achieve things beyond my beliefs. Not only do I feel fitter and stronger after every session, but I always come away with a huge smile on my face. My dog also gets a workout during every session, with Helen patiently throwing the ball repeatedly for him while I complete my exercises. Thank you Helen for putting up with my moaning about the cold and for keeping me focused on my fitness goals. Always so inspiring to meet someone who is so suited to, and capable in their job.


I don’t like exercising. I’d never heard of a ‘burpee’. Sit ups are a form of torture. But working with Helen and her relentless determination and knowledge of the body and its capabilities, was transformational, not only physically but mentally, where I began to fall in love with feeling stronger and fitter! Her group PT sessions were just as fun as going to the pub with friends! If you need a PT who will push you and not take your excuses (she will hound you, in a good way), but ultimately have a great time with, she’s the one!


I started training with Helen a few years ago. I've never had a personal trainer before and had no idea what to expect, but I'm so glad I chose Helen. I've achieved more in my personal training sessions than I ever thought I could. Helen knows how to keep me motivated when I would otherwise want to quit. No session is ever the same, Helen allows me to be flexible around my shift work, and she knows how to tailor the sessions to get the best out of me. She also keeps me on track with mini missions throughout the week. I enjoy and value training with Helen so much that I'm still doing it even though I've moved out of area! Couldn't recommend highly enough.


After having a baby I started post-natal PT with Helen to help me get my pre-baby strength and fitness back! She has been brilliant! She eased me back into exercise nice and gently as I was quite nervous about what I’d be able to do. Over a 3 month period we have built up my strength and fitness and I am now almost back to where I was pre-pregnancy. I would highly recommend Helen as a personal trainer - she is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always pushes me in each of our sessions. I thoroughly enjoy training with her and it’s been great being able to do so with my son in tow (in his pram). Helen has even been known to entertain him and keep him happy by pushing him around in the pram while I’ve carried on training 🙌



I really enjoyed the ladies and babies PT sessions. The work outs were fun but challenging. I feel much stronger after the 6 weeks and smashed my end of session fitness test.

Helen was able to adapt the sessions around how the babies were doing. She is also fantastic at rocking them to sleep in the pram which is a bonus.
I met some new mums and we have been for coffee after so it was lovely and social.
Wish I had signed up earlier in my maternity leave.


Where do I start??- now sure to put into words how fab Helen is! I’ve been going to her “ Ladies and babies” sessions for about 6 months and am now signing up for one to one because I feel so comfortable and motivated! She’s such a positive trainer - she makes you feel confident and driven , however is sensitive and kind at the same time . For me , the perfect balance ! It was especially important for me that she was understanding and gentle when it came to returning to exercise after having a baby . I’ve kept going even in the rain and wind because I enjoy the sessions and have enjoyed meeting and spending time with other mums and babies whilst exercising. It’s been such fun . Thank you Helen you’ve really made my mat leave fun !

I have never felt so positive about exercise than I have done since Helen became my personal trainer. She has a professional attitude towards our sessions mixed with humour and gentle but firm encouragement. Every session is different so you don't get bored. I started these sessions just to be able to move more freely and to carry out some of my daily activities without any pain but Helen has me doing things I haven't done since school and that is some 40 years ago with a reduction in my pains. This includes running and sit ups. I can't thank Helen enough for the time, effort and most of all the encouragement she gives when she is with me.



I’ve been doing PT with Helen for over a year and her workouts are always fun and varied. She tailors the sessions round other exercise I do in the week- if I’ve done lots of running then our sessions are about strength and weights.
Helen is always positive and encouraging without being too much. We happily chat away (or I do when I can!) about everything and nothing and the session passes really quickly. I look forward to our morning sessions and feel so much better having worked out with Helen. She’s set me achievable goals, and doesn’t judge if it takes me longer than it could do to reach them.


I have been working out with Helen for over a year, and my whole experience of fitness has been improved! Every session is fun, challenging but accessible and she cares so much about all her clients


I've written a review for Helen before, but I felt I needed to leave another one because she remains an incredible personal trainer! At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Helen quickly shifted our sessions online, which meant I could keep training despite lockdown. She also put together a full online class scheduled, which I know people were so grateful for! On a more personal level, Helen has kept me moving and motivated despite a flare up of a chronic health condition - without her my fitness and overall health would definitely have declined. And on top of all that, she has also run sessions for charity and donates a significant proportion of the cost of her FIT plans and merchandise to charitable causes. What a legend! I would recommend Helen G PT to absolutely anyone.

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