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Suzie - Helen has on demand YouTube training videos that are so useful to do - they're engaging, fun and it's like she's coaching you in your living room. There are always 2 or 3 different ways of doing an exercise depending on ability. I wouldn't hesitate to sign up for these, they're such a fun easy and motivating way of staying fit (especially in the winter months!). Thanks Helen, I'm so glad I found you!


Tanya - Helen is one of my favourite people in the world! I have so far done hundreds and hundreds of her classes – starting from livestream when we went into lockdown in March 2020, all through 2021 and until they stopped in 2022. I would do between 5 – 10 classes a week: weights; full body fit; core; legs/bums & tums; mobility flow… My fitness level, strength and flexibility increased amazingly. Helen’s classes also became one of my favourite daily social occasions – her friendliness, no nonsense approach, humour, ability to connect people and make them feel part of a social group. She is an amazingly capable instructor – very clear, challenging but sensitive to people’s individual needs, encouraging and motivational. And wonderfully creative and generous – no two classes were ever the same. I was gutted when she decided to stop the livestream classes. So when she started recording the classes in the video format, I jumped to it (literally). She now has her 100 video classes, I have taken the annual subscription, and I love them. So much to choose from, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop


Joel - Helen is a fun loving trainer, she interacts with her clients and tailors to their needs. The launch of the online demand service has been a saviour, when not feeling up to go out to exercise or not have the time, I am able to find time to log on and access her on demand, or going on holiday you can bring her along with you, some of them can even do by watching tv. Helen also gives a lot back to charities and have had the honour of being invited to take part in some. Vast knowledge and variety is apparent from Helen, you can access on demand from a phone, tablet, smart tv, console, go on do it.

Kim - Helen's home workout options have given me the ability to take the baby steps I need in order to get back to doing bigger (or in person) workouts - because the variation of what is available means that there is something there for me to do no matter what kind of workout I am feeling up for. The videos don't lose anything of Helen's signature personality, so even though it isn't live, you still get the fun, light-hearted, engaging experience you would get at one of Helen's in-person classes. And whether you are looking for a quick 15 minute workout, a yoga-inspired session, or something a bit more intense, Helen has made sure that in the many, many available videos there is something there that will pique your interest. And as if that weren't enough, if you can't find what you are most interested in working on, she is always happy to hear from you. What more could you ask for? Helen's video library is growing every week. For me, it is a no pressure resource that I am incredibly thankful to have at my fingertips.

Em - Helen's online workouts are the answer to all my 'I'm too busy for the gym or classes' / 'it's too cold or wet to train outside' / 'i'm too tired' complaints. The variety of length, style and intensity has meant there is something for whatever mood i'm feeling and fits in perfectly with my schedule. Absolute bargain of a subscription too!

Gemma - While getting back into running, the on demand running workouts have been brilliant. They push me to get so much more from my runs than I used to. There are so many other on demand sessions to chose from now, so I’ll definitely be trying some more.


Rachel - I started using Helen's On Demand classes recently and really loving the flexibility they give me especially when I'm super busy and can't get to classes. I love that there's so many options and they're all different lengths so can always find something that works. And so reasonably priced!


Ellie - I’ve been doing Helen’s online workouts for the last few months and love them. There is loads of choice and great if you can’t make it to a class! There is loads to choose from depending what you need - the 90 minute foam roll / stretch video got me through marathon training!

Julie - I started Helen’s online Mobility Flow during the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed them and found this a great way to unwind and increase my mobility. In July I had an ankle operation and was out of action. Helen created a Chair dumbbell workout which was my lifesaver. I was amazed that you can get such a good workout sitting down! My abs were stronger and my range of motion on twisting improved (notable by improvement in my golf swing and tennis strokes). I’m a fan and will continue with this one.

Back in action now I have done the core blitz, banded booty, foot fantastic, shoulder mobility and working through the Mobility Flows. As my foot gets stronger I intend to try the Run Fit workouts too. I love the way Helen talks through her videos and gives corrective advice so I know I am doing the exercise correctly.

So many excellent workout you can’t get bored. I cannot recommend these workouts enough. Helen brings fun into home workouts at a very competitive price.


Ollie - I started using Helen's On Demand videos this year and they have been fantastic. There is a good variety of sessions to choose from, from body weight exercises, dumbbell workouts, yoga and stretching. Helen provides modifications you can do in case you are struggling with the exercises or do not have a variety of weights available.

Toni - I have been using Helen’s home workout videos on Gym Catch for a while now and love them! They’re so affordable and there’s a huge range - something for everyone to benefit from. Highly recommended!

Jules - Wow. So lucky to be able to enjoy your homeworkout plans. TV has become very boring and I have taken the opportunity to do your plans rather than sit in front of the ‘box’. Tonight was a strength workout followed by evening mobility. I feel good and very smug. Thank you.

J - I am absolutely loving the Plans. I have quite a few, I wouldn’t be without them 😀. I started off following them exactly, doing Core Plan, regularly and still do, evening Mobility has really helped my sleep. It’s great that you can pick a plan and go and do the day you want. I don’t beat myself up when I can’t do them but love doing them when I can. Ooh and I do breath of joy from the Breath plan almost daily- it’s a super way to kick start your day. Helen motivates me to be better. Highly recommend buying a plan, or 2 or 3 or even 4 like me!! You could say I’m a fan…

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