Due to everything that's happening at the moment there will be some changes to normal business practice.

(Latest Update: 3rd January)

HGFIT Reward Chart

So we are in yet another Lockdown and it can be so easy to lose faith when you lose focus. Therefore I've made a reward chart to help keep myself focused and moving forwards and I thought I'd make it downloadable for you guys as well in case it's helpful for anyone else to print and complete.

Your tasks can be as many as you like and anything you like, as big or as small as you need for that week - examples like: Read, sew, paint by numbers, call a friend, bake, make the bed, have a shower, go for a walk, stretch, drink Xl water a day, workout, cook a home cooked meal, clean the bathroom, meditate for 2 mins, go to bed at Xpm, wake up at Xam - literally whatever you want to achieve. 

The second column is how many times you'd like to achieve that goal. Every time you achieve it you can tick, highlight, draw a smiley or in my case I have stickers so yes I'm doing a sticker reward chart. If it can work for a 5 year old it can work for me.

At the bottom I've added a total number of times you want to achieve it and next to it how many you actually get at the end of each week.

Another idea is maybe see how many ticks or stickers you'd like to achieve in the week and if you hit your goal reward yourself with something. Or maybe accumulate that over a certain amount of time and reward yourself with something even bigger. 

So yeah, hopefully this is helpful to one other person! First download is the blank copy, second is an example.

FIT Plans

My FIT Plans will continue to be on sale at a reduced price of £22.50 so you can keep yourself exercising in the comfort of your own home. I will also be donating 50% from each sale to charity. The current charity I'm fundraising for is Tooting Community Kitchen.



If anyone buys a HGFIT T-Shirt all money will go to charity. Hoodies and sweatshirts are soon available for £20 (£5 goes to charity) and headbands for £10 (£2 to charity). Please message me for availability. 

Personal Training

I can do 121 and 122 personal training face to face but I will not be using any equipment again. Groups will have to go back online. We will be keeping a distance of 2m or more and any clients that don't feel comfortable or are unable to train at the Common we will be training online still. Anyone experiencing symptoms or anyone in their household with symptoms must not attend a session. If in any doubt please err on the side of caution.

My diary is almost completely booked up, please get in touch to see availability or if you'd like to be added to my waiting list and for more info, click here to learn more. 


Outdoor classes must once again go online. I've amended the class timetable for 2020 hoping that I've managed to make quite a few changes that were asked for.


Please see class timetable below, which has a variety of 10, 20, 30, 35 and 45 minute classes. Classes that are restorative and others that will make you sweat - I've added a testimonials tab from feedback so far over the past few months.

I've decided to keep running my classes on a Pay-What-You-Can basis for the foreseeable. If you find yourself in financial difficulty then every class is available to book from anything from 0 to the class price. Please only ever pay what you can afford and there is no judgement.


With that being said, for those that are still in a position to pay, and I really am trusting on people's honesty especially as I have no turned down some regular income from gyms in order to keep helping people who are working from home. 

Please make sure you are booking onto classes - especially for classes at the Common for Track & Trace purposes (Create an account on and find HGFIT). This applies even if you are joining for free.

To workout with me online you will need to download the Zoom app. 

  1. Once you're in the app, click "Join"

  2. Enter Zoom I.D. 413-581-7098

  3. Join the class with your video on or you will not be able to attend

  4. If you have any injuries or anything I need to be aware of, please let me know in the private chat

Class Timetable

(If you click on it you should be able to download it to print it)


Daily Stretch 

Quick 10 minute stretch and mobility that will be focused on the neck, chest, back, hips and hamstrings.

Nothing fancy. Just a class to help keep you accountable at doing morning stretching as it can increase flexibility in muscles and joints and improve circulation. 

Full Body Dumbbell Workout 

For those who have weights at home, this ones for you. It can also be done with resistance bands (the long ones, rather than the short loops) or any thing around the house that is heavy.

Each workout will hit every muscle in the body to help strengthen, tone and burn calories.

If you're working out from home you might not have a selection of weights to choose from so if your weights ever feel too heavy, just put them down, take a break and join back in when you're ready.

Core Blitz

Core class to help strengthen all the muscles that support and stabilize the back helping with injury prevention and improving posture. By strengthening the core muscles involved in movement it also improves the transfer of power to and from the arms and legs so the skills learned are transferable to other classes as well as day to day life. 

This is a low impact class with lot's of controlled repetitions - you will fee the burn!

Will be working a mixture of the front, side and back!

Yoga Inspired

A yoga inspired class starting with sun salutations and followed by a variety of stretches and poses to help improve or maintain flexibility, help maintain normal spine rotation, or challenge your balance depending on the class. 

Move for your own flexibility and how you feel on the day, and if you ever lose balance, that's OK, I will too!

This is a great class by itself or to compliment a strength and cardio routine as it can help maintain or improve flexibility and range of motion, is great for injury prevention and can also improve sport performance.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling can help increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles, can aid recovery in muscle soreness and tightness and can even help maintain normal muscle length.

Each day we focus on a different body part.

There is nothing fancy to this class. They're short sessions to help keep you accountable to use your foam roller, and we generally have a good chat at the same time.

If you have a trigger point ball/massage ball/tennis ball, have that ready too.


High intensity interval training. The exercises are for a short period of time and designed to get the heart rate up quickly and they are immediately followed by a recovery - this means that when you go, you GO. 

To get results from this class you're goal is to push yourself to the point you feel out of breath. You'll then improve your heart and lung capacity, your cardio endurance and can even boost your metabolism.

There will still be different options given so that it is accessible for all fitness levels. The idea is you work to your 10/10, whatever that may look like.


Legs Bums & Tums

A low impact, High rep class that targets exactly what it says, your legs, bum and stomach muscles. get ready to feel the burn.


FIT Classes

These are my normal classes that I do at the Common, just online! 

Classes are designed to be challenging, results orientated targeting every muscle group in the body and fun at the same time.

There will be a combination of strength and cardio exercises and sometimes some team or partner workouts.

Please note: The timetable is subject to change depending on how many people are attending the classes - if no-one ever turns up it will be removed, so please do share with others if you want to keep them all running.



Because this is all online now, there's a chance there are people further away that may want to join in, so please share or forward this information with others. In these difficult times I'd love to do my part and help as many people as possible. 



I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for your ongoing support, patience, positivity and for being so adaptable, it has made all the changes that much easier to deal with. Any questions, please ask and please reach out if you need help.