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Post Natal Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery Plan

Post Natal Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery Plan


THis plan can be done as soon as you're ready post giving birth - both vaginal labour or C Section.


It can also be done years later if needed if that's when you've been able to carve out the time and energy for yourself.


They're 3 short videos a week for 6 weeks to help you regain core strength, to help with with any ab separation and to help re-engage your pelvic floor muscles to both relax and contract. 


I will guide you through this, but your biggest guide will be your body, so make sure you listen to that.


If you complete this plan, when or if you're ready to start/restart exercise you could even have better core engagement than you did previously!

  • Downloadable PDF

    When you recieve the link, make sure you save the PDF to your device/devices (don't just click on the link to view). The link will expire after 30 days and if you haven't downloaded it you'll lose access to the plan.

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