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More Flexible in 4 Weeks

More Flexible in 4 Weeks


4 weeks of yoga - Vinyasa, Yin and Breathing to help improve your flexibility.

This plan also includes a flexibility test if you want to track your progress.


Vinyasa Yoga is flowing to breath and a more dynamic yoga. If you ever need to move slow things down, modify, miss things out or need to spend the time in a recovery position, please do. It’s your yoga.


Yin Yoga is holding positions for longer periods of time, ideally done when the muscles are cold so that we work into the connective tissue in the body rather than the muscles. You’ll need a load of pillows or cushions for these ones.


Yinyasa is a blend of both. I’ve included 1 Yinyasa in here, which starts with Yin Yoga and finishes with Vinyasa, just for something a bit different!


Breathing I’ve included some short breathing videos all designed to help help reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and even improve your CO2 capacity, which can help improve your cardio. Once learned, you can use theses techniques any time.


You click on the link each day, which will take you to a follow along video, all varying lengths, that are specified before you start, so you can plan your time. 

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