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Bulletproof Your Body

Bulletproof Your Body


This plan I've been excited to complete.


Over the years either I've had injuries, or my clients come to me with injuries/niggles. 


My first advice is always to see a professional who can help (osteo, physio, sports massage, GP etc).


But I always like to look into if if I'm not sure, or if they see someone they tell me and I'm continually learning exercises than can help.


So, now I've got a whole selection of videos that can be done at any time as preventative measures to avoid injuries, or can be done at the start when it's just a niggle if you're not yet sure it's time to see a professional.


I must be clear, I'm a personal trainer only, and I also can't see you so I am not qualified to diagnose you. If any of these videos make the pain worse, or if you're in pain for longer than a week I recommend you see a professional.


However, if you're just looking to make your body bulletproof, then here is a whole host of exercises categorised under different body parts that you can work you can keep for life as and when you need. 


You can do them when you have something arise, or you can make your way through them maybe one a week to really help prevent future injuries.

  • Downloadable PDF

    When you recieve the link, make sure you save the PDF to your device/devices (don't just click on the link to view). The link will expire after 30 days and if you haven't downloaded it you'll lose access to the plan.

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