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Beginner to 5k

Beginner to 5k


If you're thinking of running a 5k, but you need help with where to start and how to do it, this is for you.


Lots of plans will get you just simply running a bit longer each week. This plan is varied, so it's going to keep you more interested and engaged, so more likely to finish the plan and reach your goal.


I go into proven ways to improve your running fitness including endurance (the ability to keep going), anaerobic endurance (to keep going at a higher intensity) and ways to improve your anaerobic capacity (how much you can handle, so that when you go back to endurance, you can do more!).


I will coach you in real time, also giving tips and coaching in ways to improve your running technique, and importantly the things that most plans are missing in most plans are included in this one:


1. A proper warm up (not just 5 min walking)

2. A proper cool down and stretch


and finally, the big one...


3. Specific strength and conditioning to help prevent you from picking up common running injuries and niggles and help with your running fitness.


This plan is for designed for beginners just starting their running journey, but if you're looking to improve on your 5k or 10k run time, you can use this too. I'd recommend starting from week 5 and repeating each week twice. Do this and I can guarantee you're going to be running faster and beating your current run time (I'm so confident that if you don't, I will give you your money back!)


So, grab your trainers and let's go!

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