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30 Days of 30 Minute Workouts

30 Days of 30 Minute Workouts


This plan is ideal for getting you moving your body every day and is so fab for all-rounded fitness.


It's a blend of body weight workouts, dumbbell workouts, core, yoga as well as a scheduled self guided walk or run.


All the workouts are around 30 minutes including the warm up and cool down, so you know you're going to be training safely and you know exactly how much time it will take.


The plan includes fitness tests and a video for a pre run warm up and post run stretch if you opt for the run instead of the walk.

  • Downloadable PDF

    When you recieve the link, make sure you save the PDF to your device/devices (don't just click on the link to view). The link will expire after 30 days and if you haven't downloaded it you'll lose access to the plan.

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