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Always by request I've got a load of HGFIT merch. We started with just black things, then pink, and now have a load of different colours and items. I'm always happy to take requests too.

It makes me so happy, proud and grateful seeing people wearing clothes with my branding on, so it's really appreciated. As a show of appreciation I also donate £2 from every T-Shirt/Jumper sale to whoever my charity of the year is :) 

If you'd like one, please get in touch and I will let you know what stock I've got and we can organise payment.

Tote Bags: £5

Visors: £10

Caps (not pictured): £10

Beanie Burgundy and Black (not pictured): £10

Headband (not pictured): £10

Resistance Loops (not pictured): £5

Knot Vest: £12

Double Strap Vest: £12

Baggy Fit Vest: £12

Women's Fit T-Shirt: £12

Men's FIT T-Shirt: £12

Long Sleeve Men & Women's FIT (not pictured): £12

Hoodies and Sweatshirt (pink or black, sweatshirt, zip up hoody, no zip hoody or cropped hoody): £20

Knot Vest
Double Strap Vest
Baggy Fit Vest
Womens Fit T Shirt
Mens Fit T Shit
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