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Ladies & Babies 

Exercise post pregnancy can be empowering, build body confidence, improve posture, increase energy levels, reduce stress, help with sleep, improve mood and so much more. These sessions are also a great way to meet other mum's!

What you'll get:

  • An initial and end fitness test to track your progress
  • 3x sessions pw for 6 weeks - Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's 9:15-10am
  • Sessions catered to your energy levels on the day - I appreciate there will be days when you're tired and need more breaks - more time to work on pelvic floors!

  • Can bring your babies to the sessions - or not!

  • Free Helen G PT Loyalty Card

  • 10% discount off classes

  • 50% off FIT Plans

Package Price for 18 sessions per group:  £750

- Max number of people in a session is 4

- Total price split between everyone 

- Sessions expire at the end of the 6 weeks. 


Ladies and Babies Groups stopped during Covid and at the moment aren't running. I am hoping these will restart again in 2021. 

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