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FITPlan extras

Thank you again for downloading my FIT Plan - I really hope you find success with it. To help you, I've created some exercise trackers (different for each plan) and a nutrition tracker (same for each plan).


The plan also includes nutrition advice and challenges, and if you're interested in tracking then the calculations are there for you. How these are calculated are in your FIT Plans for life, but to save some time I've added a Nutrition Calculator for those that would like it (it is optional). You just need to input a few detail about yourself and it will calculate it all automatically for you.

There is a lot of information on the calculator so again if you are doing to be tracking, please don't try and track everything at once. Follow the plan and do one challenge at a time - you're most likely to find success if you make gradual tweaks rather than try to overhaul your diet and or/track and monitor everything you put in your mouth. 

As always, any questions please do get in touch with me. 

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