Home Workouts

I've always said (and if Sara is reading this she won't believe it) that I won't do pre-recorded workouts because I hate being on camera. Well, silver lining of covid, that sorted that problem out with taking everything online I had to quickly get over it.

It's made me realise that if my mission or values really is to help as many people get stronger, fitter and feel more confident then that means going on camera to reach more people.

So I've finally done it and currently have a library of 50+ varied and different length workouts all pre-recorded and ready for you to do.

It's very exciting times, I'm doing:

- Body Weight
- Core
- Resistance Bands
- Barbell
- Kettlebell
- Dumbbell
- Running
- Short, Medium and Long
- Mobility
- Yoga inspired
- Stretch and Foam Rolling and
- Injury Prevention videos. 

And they all include an warm up before and stretch after to make sure you do it as part of a safe workout.

I have so many ideas and the goal is to do 3 videos a week to keep growing the library. If you ever want a specific workout, assuming I'm physically able and it's not dancing then I will get it done for you. 

Most videos are £2 to pay as you go, where you get the video for a week. I've also got a package for £16.99 for 4 weeks unlimited videos where you have access to all videos for the 4 weeks, or as long as you continue paying.

I've also added various packages if you'd like to combine with face to face or daily stretch classes. 

It's all accessible on the same page as my booking site - gymcatch.com and it's under the on demand section - click here if you'd like to be taken there. 

I also set up a separate instagram account @hgfit.homeworkouts if you're on instagram you can see updates and leave feedback/message requests there.